“It’s not about ideology at all, it’s about making money.” Thanks Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail. By the way, “making money” is ideology.

I’m listening to a panel on Q talking about the new right-wing Sun TV channel which is not about ideology. Some are saying this will be like Fox News North. Fox News isn’t about ideology either I suppose.

You can listen too, here. There’ll be a podcast later, too. Check it out if interested. I think a Fox News north would be like shitting in democracy’s well.

11:03 UPDATE: Too late. CBC’s panel is over already, my post didn’t make it in time to be of immediate use to anyone, oh well. There’ll be a podcast later, it should be here-ish.

So anyway the problem with a Fox News North, if–if–that’s what Sun TV amounts to, is that the current far right-wing discourse promotes the worst religious values (“family values”, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, rabidly pro-religion), it’s anti-science (global warming isn’t happening and creationism should be taught in schools as an alternative to real science) and of course there’s this creepy pro-military crap. The stuff is poison and it toxifies people. Look at the States. Toxic. Sick. Getting dumber, angrier and weaker by the day. Don’t want that here.

The right has spent years whining about violent movies and TV games and music. The CORRECT thing to be worried about is misleading, factually-challenged news.