So Rush Limbaugh, the loudmouth 63-year-old star of a syndicated American talk-radio show, just got married for the fourth time to, in cartoonishly cliched fashion, a 33-year-old blond with a great rack (People). The reason this is news? Limbaugh is a big foe of non-traditional marriage — in other words, gay marriage. Which is ILLEGAL in most parts of the so-called free country to our south.

Here’s Rush defending California voters in 2008 after they passed Prop 8, a bigoted ballot initiative that banned gay marriage. (He also whines about alleged anti-conservative media bias, which is a popular conservative theme. Because obviously he and his conservative kin are ever-so persecuted.)

Since when have fourth marriages been “traditional”? “You see how that works?” One rule for conservatives, another for the groups they direct mob-mentality fear and hatred at. That’s how it works.

Weirdly, Elton John played piano at the wedding. And Karl Rove was a guest, as was a former adviser of Bill Clinton.

One rule for the rich and powerful, another for ordinary people. That’s how it really works.

I seriously doubt Limbaugh’s animus for gay marriage is honestly held anyway. He’s just fiddlin’ for the mob.