We’re in the process of putting together our Summer Fun guide which hits the streets June 17. It will be chockful of all sorts of interesting and quirky things to consider doing this summer like buying a new umbrella and/or a stylin’ pair of rubber boots; fixing that pesky leak in the roof of your house; and joining the kids for an hour of mud pie-making, mosquito-swatting and mushroom mashing in the backyard, stuff like that.

Anyway, today we got a fax into the office saying that after running for a couple of years in mid-August, the Regina Dragon Boat Festival would be switching back to its traditional Labour Day slot. Technically, that puts it at the tail end of summer. Although last year September delivered about the only true  summery weather we had. Does that mean Form a Dragon Boat Team and Train All Summer on Wascana Lake to Compete in the Festival is going to be one of the suggestions in our guide?

We’re all pretty much fitness buffs at prairie dog with a love of water sports so anyone of us could write about it. Will we though? Guess we’ll have to wait until the issue comes out to see.