Bewildered at the amount of vacant buildings in the warehouse district in North Central, I’ve realised that the area is a bit like a treasure map. I sometimes perouse this area to find bargains at the various thrift stores, and hidden amid the wasteland of gutted supermarket buildings and warehouses lie a few gems worth checking out (which many of you may already be familiar with). The Regina Antique Mall at 1175 Rose St is a massive building jam packed with an varied assortment of the wierd and wonderful of yesteryear. You don’t have to have a penchant for painted tea cups or cookie tins to appreciate the plethora of interesting items within the labyrinth. Another such place is the Blue Mantle Thrift shop on 7th Ave with a downstairs full of outdated clothing perfect for the eclectic dresser (or the next themed party).
While I am disturbed at the amount of unused box buildings everywhere, maybe if i venture behind that warehouse or around that narrow street, I may just find an unlikely shop that’s worth exploring.