Okay, this is getting serious. The hydra that is the Phoenix Coyotes Clusterfuck will come to its latest head tonight when the City of Glendale, AZ. votes on an NHL blackmail package to keep the team in the desert. The league’s ultimatum: Glendale must agree to cover the Yote’s losses next season if the NHL can’t find a buyer for the team.

If Glendale won’t agree to this obviously insane deal, the team could be moved. And the city most likely (but not guaranteed) to get the team? Winnipeg.

Unlike the ’90s when the Jets moved to Phoenix, there’s a billionaire in place to buy the team and run it in a small market that can easily guarantee 15,000 bums in seats per game. And that’s at real ticket prices, not the Coyotes’ cheapo seat sales.

Will it happen? Dunno. Could easily not. But there’s no doubt prospects for the NHL’s return to Winnipeg have never looked better.

You can read more here (Winnipeg Free Press).