6 in the Morning1 ISRAEL OFFERED NUKES TO RACIST, APARTHEID-ERA SOUTH AFRICA Whuuuuu!?!?!?!?!?! (Guardian)

2 FARMER MARKETS: FEAR AND FRUSTRATION Draft guidelines for market vendors are bad, say critics. The Leader-Post story is here. A much longer, in-depth criticism is here on Savour Life. And here’s a direct link to the government draft.

3 IT’S BEEN A BAD SPRING FOR GAY U.S. TEENS AND PROMS A drag-queening Florida teenager is banned from his high school prom for… parking violations? And then his parents kicked him out of home (NBC Miami). This is the 784th instance of a gay U.S. teen being banned from a prom this year.

4  APPLICATION CHANGE SAID TO BENEFIT SASK FESTIVALS Wow my headline sure makes you want to read this CBC story doesn’t it? Sorry about that. Can’t always be sharp ‘n’ snappy.

5 CANUCK SPOTS SPACE-SPY SHUTTLE Now that’s a headline. Story here (Globe And Mail).

6 WINNIPEG CONFIRMED AS NHL DESTINATION If the Coyotes aren’t bought by Dec. 31 they’re moving back to Canada. (Winnipeg Free Press)

FOR NO REASON, MATTHEW SWEET I’m on a full-on Sweet bender lately. I blame The National — who have a new album, High Violet — for driving me to this. The National are hip, they’re beloved, they’re so damn mopey! Matthew Sweet doesn’t sulk like cranky little baby band. I think you should buy all of Matthew Sweet’s albums RIGHT NOW.