1 SPILL CLEANUP BREAKING BP: Coping with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is costing BP over $6 million a day and that figure is expected to go up. Paul Krugman hopes this will shock people into taking environmentalism seriously again. Meanwhile, the original talk-radio nutjob, Rush Limbaugh, suggests the oil spill was caused by environmentalists. (Guardian, Media Matters)

2 QUICKIE COLLEGES COSTING COUNTRY: Turns out all those privately-run career colleges graduate a disproportionate number of students who can’t pay off their massive student loans. And guess who gets left on the hook for all that. Why, the rest of the country. Now, personally, I don’t have anything against any of these students who’ve run up crushing debt loads in getting their diplomas. But I do find it worth noting that this suggests when you trust private companies to handle education they’ll overcharge you and not prepare you for life after education. Worth keeping that in mind. (Globe and Mail)

3 AWWWW… IS DA WIDDLE HOT WODDER GONNA CRY? Loud, obnoxious vehicle enthusiasts are objecting to Mayor Fiacco’s attempt to ban after-market parts that make their vehicles louder. Let me get this straight. You go out of your way to make your hogs and hot rods louder and you’re surprised to find that your neighbours object? I don’t know which I find more annoying — the sound of a Harley thundering by my house first thing in the morning or the sound of a Harley owner whining. Or the sound of the Elmo Cell Phone my daughter is playing with behind my head right now. You know what? They’re all about the same. (Leader Post)

4 FNUNIV MAKES DRASTIC CUTS: FNUniv president, Shauneen Pete, has announced that the Saskatoon campus of FNUniv will be closed, its property sold off and much of its staff laid off. (Leader Post)

5 SCIENTISTS CREATE MAMMOTH PROTEIN: A team of researchers led by the University of Manitoba’s Kevin Campbell have created a blood protein using hemoglobin taken from preserved mammoth bones. Cool. Now, can we clone us some wooly mammoths? I want a wooly mammoth! (CBC)

6 ELECTRON BOY SAVES SEATTLE: A 13-year-old superhero rescued the Seattle Sounders football club thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Neatorama)