Stephen (Steve) J. Perry was a comic book and cartoon writer. Steve Perry’s comic book career was mostly confined to the 80’s where he wrote various comics for Marvel and several independent companies.

During his time at Marvel, he wrote a comic book called Timespirits. It looks like James Cameron may have borrowed more than a few ideas for his Avatar movie.

In the mid-eighties Perry started working for Rankin/Bass Productions working on scripts and creating characters for two of Rankin/Bass’ cartoons, ThunderCats and Silverhawks.

Last year Perry was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was broke and as he was living in the US, he had no access to any sort of medicare. Fortunately Perry’s friend comic book creator S.R. Bissette asked the comic book community for help and The Hero Initiative (a non-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators, writers and artists in need) helped Perry out.

Then on May 8 Perry disappeared from his home in Florida. There was some grisly discoveries when police found Perry’s abandoned van but they weren’t talking. On May 28 police announced that Stephen J. Perry was murdered. They haven’t released any further details. S.R. Bissette discusses his late friend here.

In honour of the late Steve Perry here’s some ThunderCats and some Silverhawks.