1. A COALITION IF NECESSARY … Bob Rae (The Globe and Mail) would have got killed last year by his caucus for saying what this guy is saying now. (Warren Kinsella)

2. STOP THE PRESSES (AT THE ROYAL CANADIAN MINT) Remember how the Conservatives complained about the billion-dollar cost over-runs at the national firearms registry? Well, the cost for security at the G7/G20/G-string or whatever summit in Ontario has gone from $200 million (Google) to about $1 billion … (CBC)

3.AND NOW, YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN Chez gives an analysis of the American Republican Party’s latest attempt to use the intertoobz. (Deux ex Malcontent) Whether the responses generate laughter or disgust and fear for humanity depends on your point of view. Then again, this guy has a point of view. Too bad the international conspiracy headed by the local 911 dispatcher who knows the relationship between the caller’s missing Xbox controller, President Obama, and God won’t let him say the truth until the mental competency hearing’s been held. (Northwest Florida Daily News)

4. STEVE NASH IS MY HERO Not only is the best player on the Phoenix Suns the most ridiculous man alive …

but he is also one of the toughest guys in the NBA (NY Times). Not to mention, he’s also a jock with a conscience, speaking out against the American invasion of Iraq(counterpunch.org) and Arizona’s race-based profiling legislation. (The Nation) When Nash retires, my interest in the NBA will pretty much evaporate.

5. NOBODY WATCHES PORN FOR THE PLOTLINES whether it’s hardcore or lifestyle porn. Just ask Roger Ebert.

6. ANYTHING TO MAKE MY SON READ THIS BLOG Some Hot Wheels cars that would be freaking awesome if they existed in real life. Imagine commuting to work on these… (Topless Robot)