6-in-the-morning1 DING DONG THE SOB IS GONE! We’re getting rid of that jackass Harper … oops. Wrong Harper. (Western Producer)

2 LEWIS BLACK IS MY HERO On a recent Daily Show, Black plays six degrees of Hitler with Glenn Beck (the Coemdy Network)

3 THE FEDERAL LIBERALS HAVE CONCEEDED THE NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION Reign-maker Warren Kinsella, an early booster of Michael Ignatieff, will sit out the next election for the Grits. (Warren Kinsella)

4 WHAT THE END WILL LOOK LIKE. Here’s video of the actual oil spill venting into the Gulf of Mexico. (Bob Cesca) BP is blaming this French guy named Lassiez Faire. Never heard of him. (AOL/Daily Finance)

5 BREAKFAST IN AN AMERICAN DITCH SOMEWHERE When I was in high school, it was as if copies of Breakfast in America (along with Rumours and Frampton Comes Alive) were issued to Grade Niners with their school supplies list. Rodger Hodgson split from Supertramp years ago, and a planned reunion/cash-in tour has collapsed because of the bad blood between him and the rest of the band. So Supertramp will go on tour without Hodgson, (Online Music News) and without his songs. Which would be fine – except that Hodgson wrote all their hit songs. (Classic Rock magazine)

6 MAY THE FORCE OF YOUR CHILDREN’S WALLET BE WITH YOU Because Stephen Whitworth isn’t a daddy — at least, that I or he knows – he’ll never get awesome Star Wars-themed gifts like these on Father’s Day. (Huffington Post).