JANE’S WALK And Paul’s. And Laura’s. And Jeannie’s. Anyone, in fact, who’s interest in Regina’s history should particpate. 

That’s the blurb I wrote for Paul Dechene’s story on this walk that’s in the City Life section (okay, it is the City Life section, except for Emily’s top six on insomnia). But it’s our Best of Food issue, and that’s pretty much exclusively focused on Regina.

Anyway, if you haven’t read it yet, here’s a link to Paul’s story. The “Jane” in the above title refers to urban theorist Jane Jacobs (pictured). As an adult, she spent most of her life in New York and Toronto, and emerged in the early ’60s, when cities across North America were in full urban sprawl mode, and championed a return to more human-scale communities where people weren’t forced to become car-dependent.  

To honour her passing in a few years ago at age 89, groups in a growing number of cities have begun organizing walking tours in different neighbourhoods. Pretty neat idea, I think. Because when you’re bombing around in a car, you don’t really have much opportunity to check anything out. 

Here’s a link to a site listing the times and locations of the Regina walks. At least one of the 18 walks that have been organized will pass through the Heritage neighbourhood. Coincidentally, at the Regina Inn today from 3:30-6 p.m, Trek to Tomorrow is being held It’s a family-friendly celebration of the history, architecture and culture of the area. For more info, call 757-9952.

Also happening downtown today is the kick-off to the 2010 outdoor Regina Farmers’ Market. Because of work that’s being done to Victoria Park as part of the City Square Project the market is shifting to City Hall for this year.  With the extra space, which become a permanent feature of the market once the City Square is completed, the RFM’s been able to add 24 new vendors. Markets runs Saturday and Wednesday from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. until early October. For more info, visit www.reginafarmersmarket.ca  

Finally, at the new art space Artesian (a former church at Angus & 13th  , kitty corner from Mysteria Gallery) at 8 p.m. there’s the Sunset Travelling Revival. Described as an old style country revival show, with some dialogue apparently lifted from the old Tommy Hunter TV show, it’s being hosted by Northcote (Matt Goud) and features the Lazy MKs, Ryan Boldt (Deep Dark Woods), Belle Plaine and Kid Willoughby. $15 at the door.