I remember seeing the Academy Award winning movie version of this play by Robert Bolt when I was a kid. It’s kind of a biopic about Sir Thomas More (pictured) and the stand he took in the 16th century against the Protestant Reformation and King Henry VIII’s attempt to usurp the power of the Pope in England by declaring himself head of the Church of England. Here’s the trailer for the 1966 movie. (YouTube)

 Tonight at the Regina Performing Arts Centre, students from St. Therese Institute of Faith in Bruno are presenting the original play at 2 and 8 p.m. You can’t divorce (pun intended) the religious underpinnings of More’s life from this story, but even in a secular context, A Man For All Seasons does serve as moving and evocative exploration of idealism and the willingness of individuals to stand up for principles that they believe in regardless of the consequences they suffer. 

Tix are $18, and can be obtained by calling 779-2277.

Also on tonight, the Jack Semple Band is playing at McNally’s Tavern. $5.