Does that R remind you of anything? Yeah, me too.

At left, you are looking at the logo for Romanian Television: a stylization of the 18th letter of the alphabet that’s somewhat older than what McKim Cringan George put together for Regina.

For the record, am I suggesting any copying is going on here? Absolutely not. I suspect this stuff happens all the time in graphic design. Colour combinations come into fashion and you start seeing them in every ad and every magazine. Adobe Illustrator gets some new tool and you start seeing twisty vines on every billboard. And there are enough places and organizations on the planet that start with the letter R and need logos that, odds are, there’s bound to be some cases where styles overlap.

(Mind you, they both went with thick, gray, all-cap sans serifs underneath their Rs. Spooky.)

Anyway, this interesting logo similarity was pointed out in the comments attached to a post about Regina’s R on the Brand New blog (which I found via Dubsak’s Twitter feed).

Brand New is a site where graphic designers examine and discuss brands. It’s kind of interesting if you’re nerdy like that.

As for our particular twist of yellow, red and blue? The original poster, Armin, is extremely fond of it. And the comments that follow, by and large, tend to echo that sentiment. Critiques, though, range from saying Regina’s new R and the diaphanous ribbons that follow it everywhere look a little too corporate (we’ve heard that one, too) and that as a whole it’s a visual style that’s already looking tired and may not age well.

So, I don’t know, maybe you’re all sick of thinking about the new Regina brand, in which case, you’ve probably already stopped reading. Me personally, I found it strangely amusing to see what a group of graphic designers who’ve no connections to here have to say about our Infinite Horizons.

And, actually, now that we have both the TV Romania and the Regina Rs side by side, which do you prefer?