It’s a happy day for civic politics!

David Robert Loblaw (aka Bob Loblaw, candidate in the 1982 Mayoral race against Mayor Layor) has decided to give it another go. He says he wants to first increase voter turnout from its current pathetic low, and secondly to actually become the Mayor, and a pro-business, pro-arts, pro-sustainable development, all-inclusive mayor at that.

Although I’ve been cooking up a plot for an all-girl slate for Regina city council (with Jeannie “This city is so fucked up!” Mah as Mayor) I am sure Dave will give his opponents — whoever they are — a run for their money in 2012. Can’t speak for the rest of prairie dog, but I think he’ll be the perfect leader for that month or so between the civic election and the apocalypse — because if someone I voted for actually won, it would be a sure sign that the end is nigh.