6-in-the-morning1 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE TELLETUBBIES MOVED TO SELLAFIELD (Wikipeadia) The London 2012 Olympic organizing committee unveiled its two mascots yesterday (The Guardian). As one commenter on the Guardian’s website said, They’re dicks with only one way at looking at things. A perfect symbol for London.

2 THERE GOES ANY REASON TO WATCH TRANSFORMERS 3 Megan Fox has been dumped because of “character development”. To which we say … Character development in a Transformers movie? Bwahahahaha

3 EVER WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO THE STAR WARS KID? (YouTube) Me neither. (The Globe and Mail)

4 FAT DRUNK AND STUPID IS NO WAY TO GO THROUGH LIFE, SON … unless you’re Diego Maradona, who’s now the head coach of the Argentinian national soccer team. Yesterday he ran over a cameraman he was insulting. (The Guardian) Whether he’ll still have the job on Monday, when Canada plays Argentina in a pre-World Cup ‘friendly’ in Buenos Aires on Monday, (CBC Sports) is open to debate.

5 SPEAKING OF SPORTS — This week, CKRM unveiled The Sports Cage, a two-hour sports-talk show featuring the station’s sports director Rod Pedersen (his blog), football pundit John Lynch, and ex-CJME sports director Mitchell Blair (The Blair Neccesities). Airing from 4 to 6 p.m., it won’t go toe-to-toe with CJME’s sports talk show, but I would imagine Jamie Nye and Drew Remenda are pretty nervous. A hint to to Harvard Broadcasting: it’s called ‘podcasting.’ Look it up.

6 NO, IT’S NOT GOING TO HELP WITH YOUR GRADES Even if the Weyburn School Division converted my old high school into a strip club, (Chicago Tribune) I still wouldn’t have gone to class reunions. Just some things aren’t meant to be.