Not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow (the current forecast calls for sleet) but Saturday afternoon in Victoria Park at 4:20 p.m. a rally will be held as part of a global initiative to advocate for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.

From Victoria Park, a procession will be held to the Green Canvas at 1621 11th Ave. It’s a local business operated by Tim Selenski, an advocate for reform of Canada’s marijuana laws, who also runs Head 2 Head on Dewdney Ave. in north central Regina.

On Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Court of Queen’s Bench (2425 Victoria Ave.), Selenski is scheduled to appear to fight his eviction from the premises on 11th Ave. It’s his contention that the eviction is based on prejudicial grounds (ie. related to his marijuana advocacy) and that it’s in contravention of his Charter rights.