If you’re curious to see who won the Junos, check out the list up at the official site. If you’re looking for commentary on the winners, look anywhere but the Globe and Mail, who published this exceedingly painful piece.

There seem to be two premises at work here: 1) the Junos must be cool if they’re awarding stuff to people involved with Broken Social Scene, and 2) a bunch of categories not covered by most media obviously equals “unusual depth”. By this standard, the Grammys have “unusual depth” because they give out an award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel album.

I’m especially irked by the constant ties to BSS, which reach a fever pitch near the end of the piece: “Other notable winners include the modernist ensemble Bell Orchestre, which is on Broken Social Scene‚Äôs Arts & Crafts record label (and therefore shares a connection to the alt-rock scene), winning instrument [sic] album of the year.”

This article doesn’t realize that this year isn’t drastically different from any other year at the Junos. The only real shock in 2010 was that Justin Bieber got shut out completely.