1.) Send your entry from a dumb e-mail address like pirate8234576@gmail. 2.) Do not sign your entry. Don’t put your name anywhere on it. 3.) Don’t write TYPO in the subject field as the rules clearly state.* 4.) Tell me my deliberate misspelling of “skillz” (as in, “she had mad skillz”) is a typo when it’s obviously not. (It’s affected and obnoxious, sure. But it’s not a typo.)

5.) Lay down some slick grammar like: “There is also three on page 13 one being on the write up for gunless”. 6.) Do not capitalize Gunless, the name of a movie, and leave the necessary hyphen out of “write-up”.

7.) Say our typos are caused by carelessness or “people just getting lazy” when YOU can’t be bothered to capitalize movie names and write functional sentences.

Congratulations! You just didn’t win the typo contest!

*This helps us find Wiener entries in crowded in-boxes. In case you’re wondering.