COMMENTERS BEWARE: Alt-weekly the Coast have been ordered by a Nova Scotia judge to give up information on some of the commenters on their website, says the Globe and Mail. Next thing you know, the Regina PD will be asking about this “Greg Beatty” who commented on my post on the KFC Double Down.

SLEEPING CONSENT: Also from the Globe and Mail, a case where a man was convicted of sexual assault after using a dildo on his passed-out girlfriend. The issue is a bit murkier because of their regular sexual activities. The Globe suggests we’ll soon be hearing the word “dildo” in the Supreme Court of Canada.

MCNALLY DISPLEASED: We don’t have one in Regina, but McNally Robinson is a good chain of bookstores by my estimation. (That might just be my inner snob coming out, though, since my love originates in large part from their separate sections for “Fiction” and “Literature”.) Recently, however, they’ve had some financial troubles, and one of the owners told the CBC that the government allowing Amazon to have a warehouse in Canada isn’t helping anything. Maybe if there are a few more glitches like this one, Amazon will just put themselves out of business, one “I’m sorry” giftcard at a time.

ALL BECAUSE A NINE YEAR OLD “GOT CHEEKY”: More accurately, you could say it’s because this guy is the kind of fellow who would allegedly elbow his own daughter in the face the first time she meets him. The Leader-Post has this sad tale.

AFTER BANNING MUSICAL RINGTONES, THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE: No more music on Somali radio stations, according to an Associated Press report published by the Seattle Times.

MIRACLES EXIST: Hopefully you’ve all seen this already, but in case not, here’s the Insane Clown Posse reporting on the existence of miracles: