THIS HAPPENED FOR NINE MONTHS?: I just counted it out on my fingers, and if I’m right, that’s how long the elderly farmer who was sentenced yesterday was making threats against Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Brad Wall, and former Sask. Party leader Elwin Hermanson, says the CBC. I could definitely use a timeline to see just how this went on for that long, even if he was using a mall pay phone. The fellow’s been released to serve his one-year sentence in his home of Allan, Saskatchewan. Maybe they just didn’t have the room for him.

BRING IT ON: The University of Regina Rams head coach Frank McCrystal wants his team to be playing more games, according to an interview with the Leader-Post. I wonder if McCrystal just envies the hell out of where Simon Fraser is at now.

“FAIR ENOUGH HE TOOK THEIR MONEY AS WELL, BUT HE DID HELP THEM”: The Guardian UK describes the scene at Malcolm McLaren’s funeral. To sum it up: nuts, but heartening.

[EXPLETIVE DELETED]: As NPR reports, a South Park episode featuring the prophet Muhammad was aired, despite threats from a Muslim group. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone issued a statement saying that the network choose to censor some words and phrases after Parker and Stone had finished the episode, writes the A.V. Club blog. The folks over at Bleeding Cool were too busy picking up on the visual parallels between the episode and Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke for any of the religious stuff.

[EXPLETIVE DELETED] GETS REAL FOR MARTEL: Yann Martel’s Beatrice and Virgil is not going over well critically at all, but, as the author tells it to the National Post blog, “I don’t read every single review carefully — good or bad — but generally the way a work of art is received is part of the dialogue of art, so that’s important.” (Via Bookninja)

MCGUINTY [EXPLETIVE DELETED] PRACTICAL SEX ED: The Ontario Premier has stopped a new sexual education curriculum that would have taught students about things as wild as same-sex families and being able to contract infections from anal sex, according to this Globe and Mail report. Maybe students can e-mail McGuinty with any sex questions they have.

University students are in finals right now, but they might want to keep this video in mind from Everything Is Terrible for next semester:

Winning the Game of School from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.