It’s all just bad news today. Sorry to do this to you on a Monday. I’m tempted to repost Insane Clown Posse’s “Miracles” just to raise everyone’s spirits.

R.I.P. DEVON CLIFFORD: Clifford, the drummer for Vancouver group You Say Party! We Say Die!, collapsed on stage this past Friday. He died on Sunday, reportedly of a brain hemorrhage. Exclaim! has the details.

I HOPE THEY EXCLUDED 9/11 TRUTHERS: NPR examines a recent poll that shows that a majority of the people in U.S. don’t feel they can trust their government and are frustrated and angry with it. Thankfully, Obama hasn’t yet reached George W. Bush levels yet.

IT’S OK, JUSTIN BIEBER IS FINE: Fears that North American flights would be effected by the cloud of volcanic ash have abated, according to the Globe and Mail. Prior to that, a lot of artists attending the Junos were stranded in the Halifax airport. But Bieber got out before all that. “wild day yesterday. we made it off the island. now…JAPAN and AUSTRALIA we are coming,” he tweeted today.

LEAD ISN’T THE CITY’S FAULT: A City of Regina study says that they’ve found levels of lead higher than Health Canada guidelines in water samples taken from some of Regina’s neighborhoods. The problem, according to the Leader-Post‘s report, is with older homes and their plumbing, but can be solved by running your water for five minutes before using it. The neighborhoods in question include “the Cathedral, General Hospital, Downtown, North Central or Old Lakeview areas of Regina.”

SO MUCH SAD: A Regina mother went to court on Friday. She’s been accused of giving her child tobacco and heart medication, says the Leader-Post.

OF COURSE EARTHQUAKES ARE THE FAULT OF WOMEN: The Guardian UK quotes a senior Iranian cleric as having said, “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.” It’s cause and effect people, c’mon. Using this logic, who are we blaming for the Iceland’s volcano problem?

Man, that was all a downer. Let’s just do a video of a kitty before calling it a day: