1. THEY’RE MAKING MOVIES — MAYBE The Jurist does a pretty good job in finding holes (Accidental Deliberations)  in Dustin Duncan’s new strategy in bringing in a 13-part CBC comedy series to the Regina film studios. (CNW) (Personally, I wouldn’t want to get into bed with the CBC regarding filming a television series: after the first season, Little Mosque on the Prairie’s set was hauled lock-stock-and-barrel to Toronto, with a token week’s worth of filming outdoor scenes in Indian Head). In order to make up for the loss of SCN to Saskatchewan’s film community, the Saskatchewan government will have to spend about 10 times the money they’re ‘saving’ by closing SCN — with absolutely no assurance that the end product will play any role in Saskatchewan’s culture. As Emma Leroy of Corner Gas would say, “Idiots.”

2. JAFFERGATE When Tom Lukiwski thinks you’re a slimeball, you’re screwed. (globeandmail.com) The only real question left is not whether Jaffer’s and his wife’s stories can be believed: it’s what Stephen Harper and Preston Manning was thinking/drinking/smoking when he wanted this kind of people in his caucus. Liberal Catnip has a pretty good analysis.

3. ANGER MANAGEMENT One of Yorkton/Melville MP Gary Breitkreuz’s staffes gets canned after sending out a press release advocating Liberals use their fists on Iggy and calling the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police a cult. (canoe.ca). Which, of course is stupid because Breitkreuz hired the guy in the first place, and either the MP signed off on the guy writing press releases in his name OR that Breitkreuz actually authorized the release in the firs place. Liberal strategist/backroom boy Warren Kinsella has kept track of some of the dumb and threatening things Breitkreuz has said and done throughout his political career. (warrenkinsella.com) Yes, I know that such collections are part of Kinsella’s job — he just does a good job of it. The fact that Breitkreuz, a man with such obvious anger management issues and penchant for violence, has a lot of guns, and wants more people to have access to firearms, should make Canadians want to sleep with one eye open as long as the Cons are in power.

4. THE INTERNET JUST GOT A LOT LESS INTERESTING The producer of the 2005 movie Downfall is now demanding YouTube remove the Hitler meltdown parodies (MSNBC). You know, this calls for a Hitler parody … aw snap.

5. MEANWHILE BACK ON COUNTRY CANADA The CRTC has read the riot act to Mothercorp regarding its’ rebranding the Country Canada channel as CBC Bold.(Globe and Mail) Considering that many of the other networks involved in specialty channels have rebranded their networks in order to attract more eyeballs (for example, the History Channel shows CSI: NY and MASH, fictional shows with no real historical content), and CBC’s rebranding of Country Canada channel to Bold happened 18 months ago, so why is the CRTC now enforcing its regulations, and why only on Bold? From my end I think two things are at work. Since the Cons took over, government aqgencies have made life miserable for the CBC, and in June the CBC beins airing the World Cup of soccer from South Africa, and Bold was going to broadcast some of the games.

6. AND IF THE GUY WAS RIGHT, YOU WOULDN’T BE READING THIS The internet was going to be a joke, and other assorted predictions made 15 or so years ago. Thank you Mr. Know It All. (asylum.com)