6 in the Morning1. THE FAMILY FEUD GAME SHOW AS AN AGENT OF SOCIAL CHANGE If wanting to have sex with Portia del Rossi means you’re anti-American, I guess I’m going to have to go elsewhere on my vacation (Gawker TV)

2. PRIME MINISTER JACKASS, MEET SUPERPRESIDENT Number of time Yann Martel has written to Stephen Harper, suggesting books to read: 72. Number of personal replies from Stevie: 0. (whatisstephenharperreading.ca) Number of times Yann Martel has written to Barack Obama suggesting books to read: 0. Number of times President Obama has written to Martel: 1 (Canadian Press). Number of times Martel can vote in an American election: 0. Number of times Yann Martel can vote in a Canadian election: 1. Something’s wrong with democracy …

3. BEING A YOUNG TORY MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY An insider’s account of ex-Reform/Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer’s drunk driving arrest and lifestyle. (Toronto Star) Your tax dollars are paying for this.

4. WHO HAS THE LOGGING RIGHTS FOR WASCANA PARK: The provincial government also axed the Dutch Elm Disease monitoring/combat program? Good grief … (CBC Saskatchewan)

5. OH, UP IN SMOKE, THAT’S WHERE … A Qatari diplomat sneaks into the bathroom on a flight bound for Denver for a smoke (not allowed on American flights), and when the stewardess asks ‘what’s that smell?’ he says he’s a shoe-bomber. (New York Times). I just need an excuse to play Bob Seger’s “Get Out of Denver,” (YouTube) and Bob Dylan does a rockin’ version of it too … (YouTube).

6. SOMEBODY WANT TO REMIND US WHY LAYTON WAS DUBBED TALIBAN JACK AGAIN? With the president of Afghanistan acting about as stable as a duck in a paint shaker (The Guardian), and with the loss of Kyrgyzstan (The Guardian), whose pro-Western government has just been overthrown in a coup (probably losing a major air base for its resupply/staging missions), it’s long past due to wonder why we’re still in a war in a country that has defeated the invading armies of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the British Empire (three times) and the Soviet Army. New Democratic Party strategist Brian Topp says why we should bug out — right now — and not look back. (The Globe and Mail)