Got a tired kid on your hands? Looking for a way to get them to fall asleep. Do not — I repeat — do not take them to see this show at the Exchange tonight. Because if you do, rather than pacify them, you’ll turn them into a mosh pit-crazed demon.

Based in Toronto, Lullabye Arkestra (pictured) are a husband and wife duo. Manning the drums is Justin Small, while Kat Taylor-Small plays bass.  Both chip in on vocals, giving them a sound that Pitchfork described in a recent review of their CD Threats/Worship as an “unholy alliance between sweaty 1960s Stax soul and ’80s hardcore speed metal”. To get you in the mood to rock out here’s the video for their song “We Fuck the Night”(YouTube)

Also on tonight, there’s a launch for three books of poetry being published by Thistledown Press. It’s at the German Club (1727 St. John) at 7:30 p.m. Featured will be Bernadette Wagner (This Hot Place), Andrew Stubbs (Endgames) and Sharon Plumb (Draco’s Children).

Also the Tansley Lecture and Thistledown Press Book Launch