If you haven’t already read the cover story on this CD launch by Regina buzz band Library Voices that Stephen LaRose did in our April 8 issue, here’s a link. Also, here’s a link to a post James Brotheridge did a couple of weeks ago showcasing the video for the first single off the CD.

If you caught the Leader-Post preview on Thursday, it said Library Voices we’re being backed up by Hannah Georgas but that’s incorrect. James has it right in his post. Poet Patrick Swan, Brett Dolter and the Lazy MKs are performing at the Exchange tonight as well.

I don’t have too much to add, other than to note that if Library Voices was to achieve a real breakthrough nationally, and even internationally, it would definitely be an attention-getter and help validate, to a certain extent anyway, Regina’s cultural scene. Plenty of decent bands have been formed here, but it’s been awhile since any have really hit it big.

A lot of locals would probably disagree, but when it comes to establishing your bona fides as a city in the 21st century, things like a thriving fine arts and pop culture scene are important. Not only do they help keep young, well-educated people in a city they’re done school and looking to start a career, they also attract new residents.

Good jobs , affordable housing, competitive tax rates, and other lifestyle factors like good restaurants and sports facilities, are important too, obviously. But if a city is perceived as being a lame hick back-water as far as arts and culture goes then quality of life becomes an issue and people start shuning a city.

In terms of attracting major national and international attention, music and film are probably the two most effective artistic disciplines because of the pop culture cachet they enjoy. But if a city gets a reputation for having a happening music or film scene it can benefit all the other arts.

Also on this evening at Bushwakker Brewpub at 7 p.m. is South Sask Sampler . Up for grabs are guest spots at the Gateway, Ness Creek and Regina Folk Festivals. Performers include Zachary Lucky, Belle Plaine, Patrick Swan, Alexis Normand and the Lonesome Weekends.  $5 at the door.