I’m jumping the gun a bit with this post because the show at Conexus Arts Centre isn’t actually until tomorrow. But because it’s a 3:30 p.m. matinee I thought I’d provide all our loyal readers with an an advance heads-up.

Tuesday’s production day for our April 8 issue, which will be jammed with info on all the rank stuff that’s been happening lately with repect to Project Hero, SCN, provincial budget cutbacks and whatnot, not to mention news on a much anticipated CD release by a popular Regina band and a performance at New Dance Horizons, soI won’t be able to catch this live-action version of the popular kids TV show, but I’ll definitely be there in spirit.

When I was a grub many moons ago, I and my siblings actually had two turles as pets. We named them Herman (after the Munster family patriarch) and Harriet, although I don’t think their gender was ever definitely determined. We used to feed them raw hamburger and take them for walks in the grass in the summer time.

This was back before all the fuss about pet turtles being a vector for spreading salmonella  to children. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it’s illegal now for small turtles to be sold as pet. So tykes today, if they’re in need of a turtle fix, have had to resort to TV shows like Franklin.

Not quite the same as owning an living/breathing turtle, admittedly, but then the likelihood of catching salmonella from a cartoon turtle is virtually nill. Unless you let your kids are snack on under-cooked chicken/eggs while they’re watching Franklin, that is.