There’s a rally planned for noon today at Government House to protest what many people feel is the increasingly heavy-handed approach of the Sask Party government which has shown a disturbing tendancy over the last while of making dramatic policy shifts that have either been shrouded in secrecy (ie today’s signing at Government House of a Western Economic Partnership aka Tilma 2.0 that premier Brad Wall [pictured] has committed the province to enter into with Alberta and B.C.) or else poorly thought out so that the government has had to scramble later to mitigate some of the more harmful consequences.

SCN, the sell-off of protected Crown wildlife habitat, reduced funding to control Dutch Elm disease, changes to labour legislation that have been deemed oppressive by an international body affiliated with the United Nations, reneging on a new municipal funding formula and a committment to rebuild decrepit nursing homes in the province, the axing of domestic abuse outreach programs, the stalled contract negotiations with 25,000 health care workers, the list of individuals and organizations with grievances with the government is long and growing.

The rally is from noon to 1 p.m. today at Government House (4607 Dewdney Ave.)