Over on ClimateTV.tv, the host of Climate Crocks of the Week, Peter Sinclair, will be presenting the second part of a very special Climate Crock, “Debunking Lord Monckton.” And, it will be broadcast live.

That’s right, Monckton has produced so much anti-factual blather that exploding all the half-truths, errors and misinformation requires a two-parter.

For those who missed the first episode, here it is…

The live broadcast begins at 7pm tonight and as I said before, it’s available at ClimateTV.tv. On that website you can also find DeSmog Weekly, more episodes of Climate Crock and interviews with people like Gwynne Dyer.

And, just because a certain other Saskatchewan blog was propagating that “it’s the sun, stupid” myth in the last few days, here’s the Climate Crock episode, “Solar Schmolar” in which Sinclair explains why solar forcing does not explain away the globe’s current warming.