How about those Blue Jays? Led by a redhot Vernon Wells (pictured), who in the team’s first four games has batted .500 with seven hits in fourteen at bats, four homers, and seven rbi. Pitching has been inconsistent, although starter Ricky Romero and reliever Kevin Gregg have both had strong outtings. The Jays stole one against Baltimore today, but they let one slip away on opening day against Texas thanks to a shaky Jason Frasor. Pre-season prognosticators predicted the Jays, who are in definite rebuilding mode, might lose as many as 100 games this year. After four games, they sit at 3-1 and in first place in the ultra-competitive AL East. 

 I don’t expect it to last. But thus far the Jays look capable of playing exciting, competitive ball. At this point in their development, what more can you ask for?