Rosie, Darrol and I were there yesterday, interviewing, photographing and loitering respectively. We’ll have a story (written before the budget was released, but still a good read) in the new issue out today (and online around noon). As for the prairie dog take on the budget, now that it’s out?

Well, for one thing I’m inclined to think the decision to kill SCN is a calamity. One person in the film industry who was at the budget scrum called it a “death blow for our industry”. Others have pointed out that the piddly savings will be more than offset in lost federal matching grants to Sask. productions. And I’m sure there’s someone out there right now compiling a list of the Sask Party’s anti-film sentiments over the years to prove that no matter what they say, conservative politicians just plain hate culture.

I also  think this is a politically destructive thing for the Sask. Party to saddle a young minister with. My understanding is that Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Dustin Duncan was liked and respected. Well, not after murdering Saskatchewan’s film industry he won’t be. And I can’t get over his quote: “We feel that there is no longer a role for government in the broadcast business.” That’s just stupid. Commercial television is in economic free-fall. It desperately needs to be supplemented by public sector initiatives. Duh.

And of course everyone who’s ever said the Sask Party are a bunch of liars on privatization just got a new round of ammo for their arguments.

Bad politics, worse policy.

Here’s the CBC’s story on this and here’s the Leader-Post’s. And here’s the link to the save SCN Matters Facebook page.