1 TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations made governance concessions and politicians, faculty and staff flew to Ottawa to plea for the reversal of cuts but the feds say First Nations University’s federal funding won’t be restored. (CBC)

The Leader-Post has a good interview with Randy Lundy, who tears a pretty good-sized strip off  government.

2 SASK PARTY 9-11 FLYER DRAWS FLAK FROM STATES Grunt. (StarPhoenix) Well, this is what happens when your communications is handled by visually illiterate incompetents. You get bad press. Design is important, people.

3 CANADA CRITICISES ISRAELI SETTLEMENT You know it’s really not good when Canada’s extremely pro-Israeli federal government feels obliged to complain about something Israel’s doing. (Toronto Star)

4 MISSISSIPPI: STILL A BIGOTED, BRAIN-DEAD¬†BACKWATER A school cancels a prom rather than let a lesbian grad take her date. The student’s suing. What are the odds she’ll be living in that state in two years? The school’s decision is moronic,mean-spirited, frankly dangerous and generally just awful. (The Stranger)

5 EUROPEAN UNION STEPS IN TO SAVE GREECE Greece has been a clusterfuck lately. The country’s finances are a mess but the government’s budget cuts have sparked near-revolts. Here’s the latest. (The Guardian)

6 OIL GIANTS BEAT ALBERTA DOWN Ed Stelmach’s government slashes royalty rates to appease the blackmailing, bullying gas giants (Calgary Herald). Maybe big oil should just officially field a political party or better yet, a royal family. Albertans would probably support that. That province is absolutely ridiculous.