6 in the Morning1 THE HERB TARLEK OF HARVARD After a weekend policy conference the Liberals say that now they’re all about scrapping corporate tax cuts and spending cash on social programs like health care — in contrast to the Tories, who, I suppose, favour cutting business taxes to keep driving up structural deficits so they have an excuse to cancel more programs. Here’s the poop. One thing going for them: Canada’s executives apparently think taxes need a-raising. Meanwhile, a retired diplomat who survived an al Qaeda kidnapping says pshaw, the Liberals will do anything and say anythingto get into power. Reeeeeeeally? (Globe And Mail)

2 SUBWAYS ARE NOT MILITARY TARGETS At least thirty-seven civilians are dead in Moscow after two suicide bombers detonate themselves. (Guardian)

3 NDP WRAP UP SASK. CONVENTION Link wants rural votes. Also, Jack Layton says he wants some NDP MPs from SK. (CBC)

4 HEY, HOW ABOUT THAT BIGOTRY? Haroon Siddiqui tears apartQuebec’s recent Islamophobia rampage. (Toronto Star)

5 G8 MINISTERS TALK NORTH RESOURCES; IRAN Foreign ministers from G8 countries are meeting in Quebec today and tomorrow. I’m assuming niqabs aren’t welcome. (CBC)

6 THE RULES AREN’T COMPLICATED Go ahead — be a dirty old man. Have open relationships, walk around naked in your yard and be backyard hot-tub Casanova. That’s all legal and none of anyone’s business (and we don’t want to know anyway). But FF sake, don’t get the babysitter drunk and touch her genitals. (Leader-Post)