6 in the Morning1 HEALTH CARE’S BIG, LAST PUSH The United States heads into the weekend with president Hopebama leading the charge for a disappointing, lame, watered-down, no public-option version of public health care. A vote is expected Sunday. Will it pass? Or will America continue its long, slow slide into anarchy, stupidity and jealous, hate-filled xenophobia? And if so, can we send them Stephen Harper? (New York Times)

2 FILM BIZ TANKS I’m not aware of anything the Saskatchewan Party government has done to destroy Saskatchewan’s film business. It’s just the economy going down the shitter to blame. But still, didn’t the Saskies used to bash NDP film industry tax credits way back when when they were in opposition, before Brad Wall became leader and made all his anti-culture yahoos shut their voter-pissing-off traps? Might one suggest this slowdown is but Saskatchewan’s collective karma for voting them in? (Leader-Post)

3 TUITION GOING UP, BUT BY HOW MUCH? University students brace for increases. (CBC) Remember when tuition was affordable? Before it doubled in the 90s after massive cuts to federal transfer payments? Anyone under 40? Hello?

4 BRAD WALL BASHED FOR ARIZONA VACATION HOME Read all about it. (Winnipeg Free Press)

5 BUD AND DEATH An opinion poll shows Canadians are really divided on marijuana decriminalization and bringing back the death penalty. (CBC) For anyone confused, the correct opinions are 1.) marijuana should be legal and regulated like alcohol and tobacco, and 2.) the death penalty should absolutely not be reinstated because it doesn’t deter crime and tends to target poorer individuals, besides it’s disgusting and uncivilized.

6 DAVID AHENEKEW REMEMBERED Doug Cuthand recalls the man. (Star Phoenix)