After watching John Johnstone’s Dungeon Crawl last night, I couldn’t help but start thinking about that classic 1980’s cartoon Dungeon & Dragons.

Based on the popular role playing game – the cartoon featured a group of kids transported to another world called The Realm of Dungeons & Dragons. Once there, they all get one magically weapon. There was a magical bow, a magic shield, a magic javelin, a magical hat, a magical cloak and a magic club. I couldn’t help but think that the guy who got the shield but no sword got short-changed. Naturally they try to make it back home.

Co-produced by Marvel Comics – it featured famed comics writer Steve Gerber (Giant Size Man-Thing, Howard the Duck) as story editor and a contributing writer. The show lasted 27 episodes and was once voted the most violent television show on TV in 1985 by theĀ  National Coalition on Television Violence. Ah good times.