Michael E. Uslan has produced a lot of comic book movies. The Swamp Thing movies, the Batman movies (that’s all the Batman movies – good and bad), the Batman Animated series, Catwoman, Constantine and The Spirit. He’s also written some comics such as The Spirit and more recently the Archie comics where Archie marries Veronica then marries Betty because that’s the way Archie rolls. But there was only one show that Michael E. Uslan had created, written and produced all by himself.

It was a little known 80’s cartoon called Dinosaucers. It featured intelligent anthropomorphic dinosaurs who called themselves Dinosucers and flew around in space ships fighting a group of super evil dinosaurs called the Tyrannos.

There were also four kids called the Secret Scouts that helped the Dinosaucers because giant walking intelligent dinosaurs needed sidekicks that they could feed to the enemy in a moments noticed I guess.

It’s scary to think that the future of the Batman franchise is in the hands of the man that created this cartoon.