For all the SCN-haters out there, and general anti-government types who, judging from the comments they’ve been posting on various websites in relation to the SCN story,¬†want a personal veto on every tax dollar spent by governments in Canada, you might want to check out the lead story in today’s Leader-Post sports section. It’s on preparations that are underway in Regina and across Saskatchewan to celebrate the Saskatchewan Roughriders centennial in 2010. In his article, Ian Hamilton notes, and I quote, that a one-hour documentary on the Roughriders had been in the works, but “its status has been muddied by the recent closure of SCN.”

Gee, maybe SCN isn’t quite as irrelevant and inconsequential in our million channel TV universe as you’ve made it out to be? Here’s a link to Hamilton’s story. And don’t forget, there’s a rally at noon today in front of CBC on Broad St. to protest the station’s closure.