1 SASK PARTY’S 9-11 BOO-BOO  Nancy Hoeppner, you should be Keith Olberman’s next Worst Person In The World. Oh, if you were only important enough (Globe and Mail).

2 YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK Yes, the Conservatives really watch government spending … (Toronto Star)

3 RECALIBRATION MY AUNT FANNY We don’t seem to like anybody. My bet is that the federal Liberals are waiting for Justin Trudeau to run for the leadership. (Globe and Mail).

4 TOUGH ON CRIME? SURE… Let me get this straight.  A male who’s not white gets pulled over by the cops after speeding and drinking while driving and doesn’t get tasered? And Rahim Jaffer gets charges of cocaine possession dropped? So much for Stephen Harer’s tough-on-crime, tough-on-drugs philosophy … (Toronto Star) Meanwhile, Buckdog the Saskatchewan blogger takes a trip down Memory Lane With Jaffer … (Buckdog)

5 REMEMBER WHEN SASKATCHEWAN WASN’T BROKE? Chiropractors in the province do … (CBC Saskatchewan)

6 NO RELATION AT ALL  Seriously. (CBC)