6 in the Morning1 UNLOCK THE FILES The Sask. Party refused to allow consent for an NDP motion asking the federal government to unlock the RCMP file on Tommy Douglas. (cbc.ca) The RCMP say they can’t do it because of ‘national security’, which probably means they’re pretty embarrased by what’s in there, the same way, when I was a teenager, I used to yell at my mom to ‘respect my privacy’ and not go through my room — especially where I hid those copies of Penthouse

2 DISSENT IS UNPATRIOTIC Since when did the Saskatoon city police become the armed wing of the Conservative Party of Canada? (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)

3 MORE ENTRANTS IN THE DARWIN AWARDS Instead of applying for student loans or trying to enroll in post-secondary programs, these two gomers decided that the best way to a better job is through the crowbar hotel. (Leader-Post)

4 THE GREAT SELL OFF? They may or may not be core assets, (Leader-Post) but selling off those profitable parts of Sask Tel doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense unless the Sask. Party wants to prove that Crown corporations don’t work — or at least they don’t wok when a government that doesn’t believe in the concept of Crown corporations is responsibility for Crown corporations’ welfare.

5 TAKING OUR LEADS New York’s Village Voice newspaper publishes its annual list of Gotham’s 10 worst landlords. (Village Voice) Wonder if prairie dog could get away with running a similar contest in Regina …

6 MISTER DRESSUP LIVES A Toronto city councillor bills the city $440 for renting three costumes from a theatre supply company so he can impress his friends and kids at a skating party. (Toronto Star)