Rah Rah are playing at the Exchange on Friday, March 5

Since local act Rah Rah are returning to Regina right away, I messaged guitarist/vocalist Marshall Burns, asking what their best show on the road has been this tour:

“Ottawa was pretty memorable cause we had a wicked party after with the Gramercy Riffs. Our awesome friends from Newfoundland. Though I did spill beer all over my amp right before we played so it shorted out and I had to borrow someone else’s last minute…”

Rah Rah is doing a Haiti benefit concert at the Exchange tonight (Friday, March 5) starting at 7 p.m. Other acts include Tinsel Trees, Geronimo, Black Drink Crier, and DJs ThrillHouse and Panda Magic. Maybe take the opportunity to ask Marshall how his amp’s doing.