The Sumner Brothers play the ExchangePlenty of bands send out an e-mail before they play in a city. Few e-mail after.

The Sumner Brothers, a Vancouver folk group, opened for the Deep Dark Woods on Saturday, March 6 at the Exchange. A few days after, they sent out an e-mail with the subject line “Regina Wins!”

The e-mail said:

We really had a great time @ The Exchange. The crowd, never having heard us before was so welcoming, made us feel right at home. So thank-you for that. And the late night Denny’s was a good time too…If you ever wanna see some shit get weird…yeah.

We hope to see you all again real soon Regina Folks. Until then take good care, and come say hello on facebook & myspace and all that.

I couldn’t make it out to this show, unfortunately, but it’s always great to see a band enthused about having played in Regina. Rock on, Sumner Brothers!