Sudbury folk artist Kate Maki is performing tonight at the Club in support of her new CD Two Song Wedding which she recorded in Tuscon with members of Arcade Fire, Calexico and Giant Sand, and she’s great. And Saskatoon rockers We Were Lovers are at O’Hanlon’s Pub with Ghostkeeper, and those bands rock. And Mix Improv is at the Aegean Coffeehouse at 7:30 p.m. But if you get a chance, check out Tara Dawn Solheim (pictured) at the Crushed Grape.

I’ve known Tara for maybe six years now. When I first met her, she was primarily a poet with a strong interest in spoken word. She also was a regular at live music shows, and was an all-round supporter of the arts in the city. One year, if I recall correctly, she even performed at a festival presented by New Dance Horizons with her sister Krista, who dances professionally.

Four years or so ago, Tara moved to Japan to live and work. She’s been back and forth a few times, but has probably spent the majority of her time in Japan. Since moving there, Tara has shifted heavy into music and performs both solo (on piano and guitar) and with bands like Tarantula (blues/early rock), =7 (Japanese jazz/rock) and The DNT (hip hop).

Seeking to establish herself as a musician here, Tara’s been spending more time in Canada of late. Although she will be heading back to Japan for three months at the end of April. Tonight, Tara will be performing a mix of original acapella and acoustic music at the Crushed Grape beginning at 9 p.m.