I was out in Victoria when this tour, which also features Boys Like Girls, Stereos and Fefe Dobson, touched down last week. Overall, the concert got a lukewarm review in the Times-Colonist, with the three back-up acts being singled out for special criticism for the generic brand of pop-punk that they favour. The reviewer wasn’t a huge fan of Hedley (pictured) either, but did concede that they brought a degree of professionalism and energy to the stage that made their performance at least moderately engaging. Teeny boppers will abound at this gig at Brandt Centre tonight, so be forewarned.

If you’re 19+, you might prefer to check out a gig by Captain Keenan at the Cathedral Village Freehouse. Fronted by Winnipeg-based brothers Patrick and Tom Keenan, the band also includes bassist Joey Penner and drummer Kelly Castle. The brothers have been active in the Winnipeg music community since the mid-90s. You might remember them from the rock band Jubal.  Both have also recently released solo CDs. Patrick’s is titled Washed Out Roads while Tom’s is called Romantic Fitness. I’ve given both a listen. Lyric-wise, they’re strong, and their roots-rock sound should benefit from being revved up a bit in live performance.

In addition to being a musician, Tom also works as an actor. In our February 25 issue, in fact, we previewed a movie that was screening at the RPL in which he had a starring role. Here’s a link to the article.