First I heard we were sponsoring this movie was when I saw a promo for it in our Feb. 25 issue with our logo on it. I was in my early twenties when Dungeons & Dragons started to break big in the early ‘80s, so I more or less missed that craze. I was peripherally aware of it though. At the George Bothwell Library a decade or so ago, I remember seeing a table of four guys (young men, really) who used to meet, and perhaps still do for all I know, every Wednesday night to play the fantasy role playing game. Not a pretty sight, that’s all I’ll say.

Even had I been in my pre-teens/teens when D&D came out I doubt I would’ve got into it. When I was a kid, I used to read World Book encyclopedia for something to do. So fantasy wasn’t really my thing. Although I did enjoy quality SF. But those are two different genres entirely.

Anyway, Dungeon Crawl is a locally produced comedy-drama written and directed by John Johnson V. It screens tonight at the Royal Sask Museum at 7 p.m. It’s about a group of dedicated D&Ders who reunite to take a run at the provincial championship and get revenge against a former teammate who stabbed them in the back years ago. Here’s the trailer. (YouTube)

If your taste runs more to music, The Guys From Last Night are at O’Hanlon’s Pub with Let There Be Theremin. As well, The Project with Sheila Deck, Brandy Moore and Jay Robertson are at LeBistro (3850 Hillsdale St.) at 8:30 p.m. as part of the Regina Jazz Society concert series.