As far as band names go, Armchair Cynics is pretty cool. There’s a lot out there too. Armchair cynics, I mean. People who sit on their ass a lot and bitch about how shitty/lame/boring stuff is. Ain’t it the truth? And by sitting there bitching you’re helping improve the situation … how? Oh right, you’re just sitting on your ass.

Mind you, I suppose it could be worse. You could be one of those insufferable Facebook “activists” who’s out to change the world one mouse click at a time (and yes, those were sneer quotes back there, in case you were wondering). Both of you are pretty disengaged, but at least with you we don’t get much in the way of sanctimonious attitude.

So, anyway. Armchair Cynics are a Victoria-based rock band. They first came to my attention with their 2005 EP Killing the Romance. Disc was 25 min. 32 sec. long, had seven pretty rockin’ tunes, was co-produced by Chad Kroeger, but we won’t get into that now.  In October 2009, they released their first full-length Starting Today. Tonight, they’re at the Exchange with another band called We Are Maurice. Here’s video of the former doing their song “Ablaze” (YouTube).

 And for anyone who’s not an armchair cynic, today’s International Women’s Day. If you feel like celebrating there’s a gathering at the Institute Francais Theatre at the University of Regina from 8:45 a.m.-1 p.m.