Today is Pi Day! Hope you took some time to sit in a circle with your friends and family and enjoy a nice slice of pie. Last year, I posted this 2001 video by Hard ‘n’ Phirm of their song “Pi”.

It is awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that this year I’m going to post the same song only this time it’s a live version. Notice how when these guys are singing the digits of Pi they aren’t just making up random numbers. They can’t be. They’re singing the numbers in tandem. These two comedians have Pi memorized to like a hundred digits or more.

Hope to see you all tomorrow at the Pi Day celebrations at the UofR (1 pm, CW 113). There will be free pie, free Pi cookies, a screening of the movie Pi, three 14 minute lectures and a debate to resolve the question of which transcendental number is better, Pi or e? Karen Meagher (yep, that’s my wife) will be defending Pi’s honour against FNUniv math prof, Ed Doolittle.

Should be fun. And by fun, I mean nerdy.