Yesterday, there was a whole lot of Sloan-related confusion going on. The Halifax-formed and now Toronto-living band was releasing 300 copies of a 1993 bootleg of one their shows. Green vinyl and all the other bells and whistles.

The sale was supposed to go live yesterday, and some people apparently got their copies. Most people encountered a busted website, unable to sell them the Sloan-y goodness they were looking for.

The two consequences:

1 SALE DELAYED They rescheduled the sale for today at noon CST. Unfortunately, I didn’t hop to it quick enough, and all the copies are sold out. But …

2 FREE MP3S FOR ALL As an apology for yesterday’s snafu, they’re making a download of the show available for free to everyone. I haven’t listened to it yet myself, but there’s a ticking clock involved — it’s only available until midnight tonight — so get on over to their website and download away.

If you need a further push beyond “They are living legends”, put that date in context. 1993 puts this right between the release of their first full-length, Smeared, and their critically-acclaimed follow-up, Twice Removed. This isn’t a tough decision.