1914: A Turning Point In History And Culture

More World War One lecture action at the University of Regina related to the centennial commemoration of the war’s outbreak.

Tonight, the speakers are James Daschuk who will discuss “The 107th Timber Wolf Battalion and Indigenous Participation in the Canadian Expeditionary Force During World War One”; and Thomas Bredohl, whose talk is titled “War and Revolution: Berlin and the Bolshevik Revolution”.

For a bit of background on the two talks, I interviewed Daschuk about a book he published through University of Regina Press last year called Clearing the Plains which examined strategies employed by Ottawa to weaken indigenous people on the prairies to clear the way for colonization. And in this year’s Labour Day report I interviewed Charles Smith of St. Thomas More College in Saskatoon about the state of labour relations during WWI.

The lectures are being held at the John Archer Library at the university starting at 7 p.m., and more information can be obtained by calling 306-585-4213.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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