13th Ave. Records Rendezvous

The Cathedral area of Regina is home to some pretty amazing musical talent. And a lot of that talent has recorded with 13th Ave. Records which is helmed by Chris Prpich. Prpich plays with the Lazy MKs and Lonesome Weekends, among other musical endeavours, and also runs Buy the Book which has a basement rehearsal space where many of the musicians meet and practice.

Over the holidays, 13th Ave Records typically hosts a showcase of its recording acts. This year’s version goes at the Artesian on Saturday, Dec. 28 at 8 p.m. If you’re planning on going you’d better get tickets in advance as this concert typically sells out. In addition to the show, there’s an after-party at the German Club.

Advance tickets are $15, and artists who will be performing include Belle Plaine, the Lazy MKs, the Lonesome Weekends, Slim City Pickers, the Pile of Bones Brass Band, Brass Buttons, Snake River and more.┬áTo close, here’s Belle Plaine performing the title track off her 2012 album Notes From A Waitress:


Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “13th Ave. Records Rendezvous”

  1. Hi. are there tix for “the after party” only? 5$? why does someone have to go from 1 bar to the next?

  2. Tickets are available online (https://www.picatic.com/13thAveRecordsRendezvous) or at Mysteria Gallery 306-522-0080. I’m not sure if there’s a separate after-party admission. As for the structure of the event, the Artesian is more of a concert space while the German Club is more of a later into the night party space. So that’s probably why the event is the way it is. I believe there’s a shuttle bus running from the Artesian to the German Club

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