1326 Hamilton Remembered: Don Schmid and Jay Semko of The Northern Pikes

Prairie dog hack Stephen LaRose wrote to several musicians who played at the venerated rock club at 1326 Hamilton Street, known by various names throughout the years: The Schnitzel Haus, The Venue, Channel One, The State and The Distrikt, asking for their remembrances. Here’s the memories of Northern Pikes drummer Don Schmid and guitarist/vocalist Jay Semko.

We did play several shows at that venue over the years. We always had such a great time in Regina & the club was always fun to play.
Good luck.
Don Schmid

I had a great time playing there, both with the Pikes and when I was out touring for my first solo album, “Mouse.” The room had a great feel. The sound was so live, yet I could still hear the stage monitors – a great audience and the guys at the bar were so cool and such music fans. It was a very cool club…I have very fond memories of playing there…..

Jay Semko

Author: Stephen LaRose

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