12th Ave. Closed For the Winter

As we forecast in a Nov. 4 article, because of construction delays caused by poor summer weather and a minefield of old utility infrastructure, 12th Ave. between Lorne St and Hamilton St. will not reopen this winter as was planned. That decision was made official in an announcement this week by City Centre Branch manager Denise Donahue, who said that putting in a temporary road would just cause further construction delays while costing an estimated $100,000.

In a Leader-Post report Donahue noted that conditions for pedestrians would be eased through the widening of the current narrow sidewalk on the north side of 12th. Steps might also be taken to establish pedestrian corridors across 12th at Scarth and Cornwall.

I don’t know how businesses located on 11th Ave. between Albert and Broad would feel, but I wonder about the advisability of closing off 11th Ave. to parking for the winter to facilitate the flow of traffic in what will undoubtedly be a constricted downtown.

And, of course, commuters need to think long and hard about exploring other ways than motor vehicles to access the downtown. That example Donahue mentioned in my prairie dog article of someone driving six blocks from Cathedral Village to their job downtown is pretty bad.     

Author: Gregory Beatty

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7 thoughts on “12th Ave. Closed For the Winter”

  1. There seems to be a lot of stenography going on with the PDog’s coverage of 12th Avenue. It’s kinda like you’re a City Hall comms branch proxy…

  2. There’s probably a good reason you wrote it (I’m assuming you mean the stenography bit); if you could figure out in detail what bothered you about our coverage you might have valuable criticism or at least a good comment.

    Or maybe you were just gassy. That happens too.

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